Evan Perigo is a Chicago-based photographer who enjoys traveling, long-distance running, college football, tacos and returning home to the great state of Indiana. 

Evan photographed the Heritage General Store feature for Issue Three, as well as the delicious blueberries featured on the cover. 

This past weekend he took over the  Driftless Instagram and shared beautiful images with us from his weekend in Chicago. His series includes mouthwatering treats, skatepark views, and hammock-ing at the harbor. 

Check out our Instagram for Evan's full takeover series!

We had the opportunity to ask Evan a few questions about his work.

When did you first get into photography?
I got into photography about 6 years ago. 

What does your creative process entail? 
A quiet walk with some coffee will always get my ideas flowing. No cell phone, music or any distractions. Then whatever stays with me, I write down in a journal once I get home. 


What inspires you?
Travel is really important to me. I always come home wanting to live a better life and be a better person. My wife is a huge inspiration. She works so hard and I’m always trying to maintain my level of productivity with hers. She’s also a hardass when it comes to critiquing my photos, so I try to impress her and keep up the quality in my work. And also, I’m constantly blown away by my friends. I think having a strong creative community here definitely keeps my drive going. 

Where’s your favorite place to unwind? 
Running along Lake Michigan. 

What made you choose Chicago as a place to start your business? 
My wife stole my heart here, haha. I packed my bags from Nashville and moved to Chicago two and a half years ago. 

How does the midwest impact your work? 
It’s challenging for sure. I don’t do well with the cold ... winter really starts getting to me after the first month. I’m an outdoorsy person and I think a lot of my work reflects that. The seasons can definitely impact the type of work you get. 

Any advice for aspiring photographers? 
Do as many test shoots as possible. You have all the room for failure with no pressure attached. My best work has almost always come from trying out new ideas. Also, sorry for the cheesiness, but avoid the voice of resistance that is always in the back of our heads. Just go out and shoot what you love. 

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