Driftless is an ad-free, independent magazine about food, art, and adventuring in the Midwest. We introduce our readers to the creative and awe-inspiring wonders the Midwest has to offer by way of stories, illustrations, photos, interviews, and recipes. Our 100-page, full color, perfect-bound print magazine is printed biannually and provides tangible proof that the Midwest is more than merely flyover territory. Read more about each of our magazines in our online shop!

Our interests lie in exploring the world around us, cooking with fresh, wholesome ingredients, slowing down to fully take in our surroundings and spending time with those who mean the most to us. We love trying new things, eating locally, sharing the wonders of our own backyards and keeping family traditions alive in new and interesting ways. We are hardworking, kind, resourceful and down-to-earth. We are always inspired by the Great Lakes. We are a cultural crossroads — we are the Midwest.

Leah Fithian and    Anna Powell Teeter

Leah Fithian and Anna Powell Teeter

Driftless created by two dedicated women with backgrounds in photography, fine art, graphic design, and journalism. Leah is a freelance photographer and assistant working in Chicago's commercial photography industry. Anna is a photographer and filmmaker in Bloomington, Indiana. We strive to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing and visually intriguing work based on our love for simple design and beautiful imagery. We have a tendency to favor a minimalist approach and believe that print publications are works of art in themselves. We aim to create timeless objects that deserve to be held onto for years after their time.

With a love for all things food, art, and adventure related, the two of us continue to showcase what the Midwest has to offer throughout the pages of each issue. Please continue following along with us on this journey. We would not be where we are today without the incredible support of our readers. 

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