We have completed the Billion Dinners challenge and reached our goal of tracking 10 meals in 2 weeks. At first it felt a little unintuitive for us to use a mobile app to track "unplugged" meals, but in the end, we enjoyed the habitual act of hitting start on a timer and being very intentional with our dedicated meal time. Tracking our meals allowed us to share our experiences with our followers and we hope it encouraged others to eat more meals together. Thank you to everyone who participated in our #driftlessdinnercall giveaway! We want to congratulate Kelsey Smith on winning a $50 gift card to the restaurant of her choosing. Take a look at some of her photos below!

If you still want to participate in the Billion Dinners challenge, there is still time! The campaign is running through November 15th. Visit our last blog post to read all of the details on how to get involved.

This post was sponsored by Dinner Call and the Billions Dinners Challenge campaign, but all words and experiences are our own. 

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