This 2016 Spring + Summer issue includes interviews with members of Indiana’s first organic dairy farm, recipes designed for road tripping, illustrations of notable figures keeping the Midwest love alive, and the story of a coffee shop that began with a simple yellow cart.



Gail Alden was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is proud to help keep Indiana on the map in her role at Traders Point Creamery. She loves planning parties, enjoying good food, helping people create memorable moments, and her three granddaughters.

Justin Armstrong considers himself a proud adopted Hoosier who is happily raising his family in Indianapolis Indiana, where he enjoys environmental conservation, and living life raw. He has put down deep roots in Indiana's agricultural and agritourism communities, including being part of Traders Point Creamery in various capacities since its earliest days.

Brett F. Braley is a native Hoosier and the writer, recipe developer, and photographer for his blog, Fig + Bleu. Currently in Pennsylvania, Brett spends his time reading through his mother's cookbooks and playing with his dog, Milo. From Italy to San Diego, Brett has lived in a few varied locations, but never one as close to his heart as Indiana.
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Brandon Canfield is a chef with over 12 years experience in Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants, boutique hotels, and both local and corporate establishments. His skills and expertise have been honed in major food cities including New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. He uses the historic and traditional cuisines of the Midwest combined with forward-thinking creativity to shape inventive fine dining meals.

Mary Catterlin and Amy Lukas are adventurers, writers, public speakers, and Great Lakes advocates. Growing up on the south shore of Lake Michigan has deeply shaped their lives and defined their unconventional yet entirely fulfilling careers.
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Cynthia Drescher is an Ohioan, avid scuba diver, and professional travel writer. Despite flying over 200,000 miles every year and having traveled to all seven continents, she always returns to the Midwest to continue her adventures. She aspires to begin flying lessons for her private pilot’s license.
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Steven Drescher is an Ohio-based freelance photographer whose recent travels include driving the Garden Route in South Africa, taking the back roads around El Salvador, and camping in the Dry Tortugas, off the Florida Keys. If he could have his way, however, every day would be a summer day of jet skiing and fish frying along the southern shore of Lake Erie.

Rachal Duggan of RADillustrates is an Illustrator and workshop instructor in Chicago. Her clients include the Chicago Reader, the Pitchfork Review, Newcity and Tom Tom Magazine. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she regularly collaborates with other illustrators and artists.
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Jesse David Green is a photographer based in beautiful Detroit. He tells stories of makers, business owners and couples in love in Detroit, northern Michigan and around the country. 
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Lisa M. Hahn is a positive human living in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois with her husband and pup. She is a lover of animals and all things purple. Technical writer by day, curious creative by...always.

Jackson Hooley is the Farm Manager at Traders Point Creamery. He hails from Goshen, Indiana, where he grew up on his family's dairy farm.

Libby Hopper is a jewelry designer and metalsmith based in Detroit, Michigan. When she's not creating in her home studio, you can find her perusing estate sales, reading a good science fiction novel, or spending time with her two favorites, fiancé Alex and dog Tucker.
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Danielle Koch works at the Lutheran School Services in St. Paul, Minnesota. She served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa from July 2013 - August 2015. She is a Luther College alumna.

Emily Kozik is an artist living and working in Chicago, Illinois. She loves music, traveling and ridiculous tiki drinks. Someday, she hopes to find the perfect white t-shirt.
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Dr. Fritz Kunz and Jane Elder Kunz are the founders and co-owners of Traders Point Creamery, Indiana's first certified organic dairy farm. Both Hoosier natives, they have raised up their family and their business on Jane's grandmother's land, just outside Indianapolis. Dr. Kunz also maintains a medical practice, which has informed the company's strong emphasis on healthful, nourishing food from the pasture to the plate.

Danielle Wolter Nolan is an adventurista who has loved the outdoors all her life. Along her with her wife, she co-founded DNK Presents, a company that provides guided adventure retreats to encourage a healthy, happy community through active outdoor challenges and experiences.
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Amy Oelsner is a musician who lives in Bloomington, Indiana. She plays guitar in the two-woman band Brenda's Friend, as well as her solo project, Amy O. She is the Zine and Creative Writing Program Director at Rhino's Youth Center, a multi-media Afterschool Center for teens. In June 2016, she will be self-publishing the zine Yoko Oh Yes!
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Cathleen Paquet has been playing in bands and writing for zines and blogs within the DIY punk community for 18 years. She owns Hairstream Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, where she works as a hairstylist.

Evan Perigo is a photographer currently living in Chicago, Illinois. He enjoys traveling, long distance running, authentic tacos and going home to the great state of Indiana.
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Darin Schwartzentruber is originally from Goshen, Indiana and made his way to Traders Point Creamery where he worked for five years with different aspects of the farm. He finds himself most happy surrounded by quality people and delicious food.  An ideal evening for him would be spent hiking, foraging and fishing for his dinner.

Joanna Tilton is a proud Midwesterner with an an affinity for travel and an interest in place identity. She dreams of owning a bed and breakfast on the shores of Lake Michigan. Until then, she is busy celebrating all things large and small with cake, confetti and champagne toasts in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Samuel Welsch Sveen graduated from Cornell University with a BA in English before working as a barista at Gimme! Coffee for two years in Ithaca and Brooklyn, New York, New York. He now brews A LOT of coffee in Bloomington, Indiana, with his wife, Lindsay, and two dogs, Oulala and Hildegaard.

Samantha Vanderlist is a photographer out of west Michigan and couldn’t imagine life without Lake Michigan. She is drawn to the emotional side of photography. When she’s not working she can often be found sending funny Snapchats or reading books.
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Kelsey Weber is a photographer turned food stylist turned art director whose favorite memories include good people, good food and a good adventure. She spent most of her life living in Chicago, Illinois, but has found the last five years living in Michigan filled with some of the most inspiring moments of her life. If the Midwest had higher mountains, she’d never leave.
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