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This 2019 Spring + Summer issue includes an interview with Herman Miller’s design archivist, a DIY guide to weaving with found materials, stories of love for Lake Michigan and family cabins, and a collaboration between a Chicago florist and design studio. Pre-order your copy for $12 in our online shop!


Amy Auscherman is an editor, writer, and curator. She works as the Corporate Archivist at Herman Miller, Inc.
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Laura Berger is a visual artist based in Chicago, Illinois.  Her work is often centered around themes of interconnectedness, self-understanding, and our search for a sense of meaning and belonging within the larger world.
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Kimmy Tolbert Compton is a Chicago artist and art educator who seeks to facilitate spaces where art can be a catalyst for meaningful engagement with others and within oneself. Her handwoven, fiber art is inspired by the juxtaposition of natural forms and structural geometry that echo the complexity of place. She teaches weaving workshops as Gather Handwoven and teaches art in Chicago Public Schools.
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Field & Florist harvests from their farm in Three Oaks, Michigan from early spring through late fall, producing the freshest blooms grown without pesticides and harmful chemicals. When they are not in the field, they can be found in their Wicker Park shop, meeting with clients and working to create beautiful events. These two very different sides of the business inform the other and keep them constantly learning.
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Sara Gardner is a documentary and wedding photographer in Central Illinois. She aims to tell the everyday stories of those around her who are wading through the waters of life — those who aim to leave the world just a bit better than when they entered it.
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Christine Gallagher Kearney is a writer based in Chicago, but she calls her native Minnesota home. In her memoirs, she contemplates the meaning of home and belonging. She is the former Irish American News food columnist where she wrote about her gastronomic experiences in Belfast and interviewed chefs, bakers, restaurateurs, distillers, brewers, home-cooks and food activists from all over the world.
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Normal is a multidisciplinary graphic design practice based in Chicago, Illinois. Normal believes thoughtful design and collaboration strengthens our collective knowledge and defines new ways of seeing, communicating and experiencing the world. Normal is Renata Graw, Crystal Zapata, and Tim Curley.
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Mae Stier is a writer and photographer living in Empire, Michigan. She has a poetry project called Letters to Lake Michigan, where she writes and mails out original poems on postcards that feature images of Lake Michigan.
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Alexa Viscius is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist, working as a photographer, art director, and musician. She experiments with creating intimate, candid, and playful work across different mediums — film photography, moving image, silk screen, and graphic design.
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