Digital Collection | Issues 1-8


Digital Collection | Issues 1-8

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A digital bundle of all seven issues of Driftless. This bundle contains all 700 pages of content we've created over the past four years!

Issue One (Summer 2014) introduces our readers to the adventures that summer in the Midwest brings. A 100 page full-color perfect-bound 8x10 print magazine, it features recipes, photo essays, DIYs, watercolor illustrations, city guides and so much more!

Issue Two (Fall + Winter 2014) is all about adventuring, cooking, doing and being during the fall and winter months of this part of the country. You’ll find everything from Great Lakes surfing, to the best places to visit when in Madison, Wisconsin, to delicious recipes perfect for seasonal gatherings.

Issue Three (Spring + Summer 2015) is filled with must-try recipes, an inspiring Midwest Road Trip feature, gorgeous photographs from an Indiana flower farm and so much more!

Issue Four (Fall + Winter 2015) contains profiles of inspiring Midwest businesses, collaborative storytelling projects, recipes for seasonal cookies, and deconstruction photographs of historic Chicago buildings.

Issue Five (Spring + Summer 2016) includes interviews with members of Indiana’s first organic dairy farm, recipes designed for road tripping, illustrations of notable figures keeping the Midwest love alive, and the story of a coffee shop that began with a simple yellow cart.

Issue Six (Fall + Winter 2016) includes recipes that will warm you during the cooler months, steps you need to host a beautiful dinner party, and in-depth interviews with an Iowa-based painter, Chicago neighborhood bistro, and independent publishing house in Indiana.

Issue Seven (Spring + Summer 2017) includes interviews with an incredibly talented bartender from a favorite Minneapolis diner and periodical shop owners from Indianapolis, recipes from a farm dinner hosted in the middle of one of Chicago's industrial neighborhoods, and the story behind Missouri's Queen City.

Issue Eight includes a guide to all of the best neighborhoods, shops, and restaurants in St. Louis, an interview with the with the women behind a Minneapolis-based boutique carrying ethically sourced and sustainable merchandise, and delicious, vegetarian recipes ideal for camping in the cooler months.